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Zig-zag stem, shield shaped leaf with flat base. Some hybrid forms have heart-shaped base.

Bamboo-like canes with purple/red speckles

Lacey white flowers that appear between August and September in Michigan.

  • Japanese knotweed and Giant knotweed can hybridize and form Bohemian knotweed, which inherits traits from both parents. Unfortunately, it's being reported that Bohemian knotweed inherits some of the WORST traits making it a more formidable foe. Only trained personnel can tell a difference between species of knotweed, so this information is a general overview of knotweed. 

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                            - Japanese knotweed

                            - Giant knotweed

Informational Videos

Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver - Knot On My Property program.

"Knot On My Property is aimed at educating property owners, residents and real estate professionals on how to identify knotweed, reduce its spread, and effectively control it."

Best Control Practices and Handling Documents

Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Best Control Practices

Cornwall Council - Guidance for Identification and Control

UK Environment Agency - Knotweed Code of Practice